Assistive devices primary purpose is to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence to facilitate participation and to enhance overall well-being. Children with disabilities depend on assistive devices to enable them to carry out daily activities and participate actively and productively in community life. 

They can also help prevent impairments and secondary health conditions. The Centre provides assorted mobility appliances to children with disabilities, some of these are made in its workshop and others donated by donors and partners.

The devices provided are: wheelchairs, walkers, tripods, crutches, crutch tips, polio boots, walking frames, standing boxes, calipers, prosthesis and many others.

The Centre has a well-equipped workshop where the devices are produced, repaired and maintained. The orthopedic and maintenance workshop carries out services which include the fabrication, provision and repair of assistive devices. Products produced at the orthopedic workshop are: round bar calipers for children, steel and aluminum calipers for adults, stanbic braces for clubfoot correction, special shoes for different deformities and modification of shoes to meet the needs of clients.

In partnership with Motivation Africa Trust, the Centre provides wheelchairs to children and adults with mobility challenge. Once these clients require repair or replacement of wheelchair parts, they access the service from the workshop.

A student at the Centre trying a new prosthetics procured from Kikuyu Orthopedic hospital.

Repair work continues at the orthopedic workshop.

Assembling a new wheelchair for a client.