How we work

Partnership model– AIC KCCC partners with organizations and individuals of like-minded to implement its programs. Such partners include Motivation Charitable Trust for provision of assistive mobility devices, PCEA Kikuyu Orthopedic Hospital and AIC Cure International Kijabe for provision of corrective surgeries, county government of Kajiado among others.

Community Based Outreach Clinics– The Centre carries out community bases rehabilitation outreach clinics in every quarter in Kajiado and Baringo counties with an assistance of referral actors and county governments. During the outreach clinics, the clients are screened, assessed, and in which after assessment they are either provided with assistive devices, referred to partner hospitals or referred for school placement or referred to the Centre for long term rehabilitation care.
Apart from rehabilitation outreach clinic, the Centre through the dispensary carries out eye camp outreach clinic in every quarter. During the outreach clinic which takes a minimum of three days depending with the number of clients, several eye care health services such as cataract surgeries services are provided to the clients.

Home Based Care– The Centre- The Centre through social workers and Community health volunteers have identified Cerebral Palsy children at the community level. These children receives rehabilitative care from their home through home visits which is carried out by our social worker with rehabilitative team.

Outpatient Services– The Centre provides outpatient services at both dispensary and physiotherapy department

Long term Admission Rehabilitation model– Some of children with disability requires over 5 years’ rehabilitation plan. For the Centre to achieve this, such children are admitted in the Centre where they receive rehabilitative care as they access quality inclusive education. Such children are rehabilitated until they attain independent live and self-sustainable source of income either through formal or informal employment.